Tuesday, February 28, 2012

French Macarons

This is not exaggeration, I have wanted to eat macarons since last year. (It was becaming famous in Turkey in recent years when LadurĂ©e was opened in Turkey) Somehow, I could not had eaten the small desserts untill my San Francisco trip which was last month.  I know there is no connection each other San Francisco and french desserts :)  However to me this is the most enjoyable part of the trips.Make connections yourself from your experiences. When you are going some new places, everything will be first for you... What you need to do is just discover and  enjoy it.I believed this is my passion...
Anyway, as we were taking the city tour by bus , we stopped by the cutes small cafe to take break ... When I saw macaroons over there , it took 5 minutes to buy them...:)) Lets talk about what it tastes like.  
-Macarons can be done in different flavors so you should find your best flavors up to you.
-There are various ways to make macaroons migh be filled with buttercream or jam.

So again the tasting migh be different each cafes. I really liked my first macaroons. They were so moist and easily melted in the mouth.Woww... I am going to continue to taste more macarons, do not stop me...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

baklava . Turkish Desert

If you are far away your family and your country, what do you miss first excep your mother???

Of course food!!!What will happen if your friend bring your favourite dessert ? Before I finished all of them I took pictures and let me introduce it to you...Baklava ...

Baklava's history comes from Ottoman Empire thats why, nowadays between Greek, Arabic and Turkish tradional life is known.

What it makes baklava special is to need too much effort to make it. To get 6-8 layers in one piece, it is supposed to thin phyllo dough which is not easy to make iy. Also to make perfect sauce is not easy in terms of juicy, tasting and temperature of it. Do not perfect good pistachio too. So, in addition to the tasting, I always admire how to make baklava. In other words, baklava is traditional and still hits.
Especially capable of eating is here priceless....:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Adams Family

I try to see and taste everything t as I could in United States. And the one of them is going to Broadway Shows in here. Of course in Turkey have kind of similar shows but even name comes from American culture. So I did my best,  I went to The Adams Family in NYC. Obviously, it was my first and last time to able to see the show. I do not think so we are good at Broadway Shows. Anyway, I remember  myself asking questions in my brain? Are they really singing or pretending? Because it was outstanding to me. Two hours it made me sit on my couch by the way chose the best one for myself. Because I used to watch the TV series of it. And just it reminds my old time.

Anyway even if just one day being a New Yorker, going a Broadway shows, after the show walking on the Manhattan Streets under the rain was fun and unforgettable to me. I am so happy to got a chance in my life.
Here is the link for review of show


First Shot

As I said that, I will mention in my blog about everything which was impressed to me. And, I am going to start with a really good restaurant in Los Angeles, called The Edison. Actually the place has a history as a first private power plant in L.A. Downtown. Now, it was rebuilt and design as a bar and restaurant.

As usual in L.A. if you do not have reservations on Friday nights, you have to wait one hour like I did last week. But believe me, it was worth it. Especially, if you are interested in historical places like me, you will enjoy at The Edison.  A lot of stuffs from the power plant time, it is protected so the design is combined by old and new objects that gives cool atmosphere.There is the link of its website;

Was it cheap? To me, yes !!!  Because, It was almost center of the L.A., pretty good service. Also , drink choices is nice with alcohol and without alcohol drinks. The Edison is a good choice who wants to get bored usual night clubs.

Randomly,  I found another blog about famous photographer from U.K. and  he took pictures from The Edison . Here is the link to take a look. He worked different style on those pictures to give more details. Enjoy it J

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome on board !!!

Actually this blog is established as an obligation by school assigment :)) However, it had been existed before the class. The problem was the language, I do not feel comfortable with english that much .

What I believe is there are lots of things to share and show to you because I am international student, I came from Turkey and I have been living United States since last March. And besides keeping on my education in here, I am trying  to experience 'American Dream' to my point of view.

I want to talk about my different kind of experiences in United States . I do not want to put a definition like just  "travel blog" because it will include combination  of the life .")