Tuesday, February 28, 2012

French Macarons

This is not exaggeration, I have wanted to eat macarons since last year. (It was becaming famous in Turkey in recent years when Ladurée was opened in Turkey) Somehow, I could not had eaten the small desserts untill my San Francisco trip which was last month.  I know there is no connection each other San Francisco and french desserts :)  However to me this is the most enjoyable part of the trips.Make connections yourself from your experiences. When you are going some new places, everything will be first for you... What you need to do is just discover and  enjoy it.I believed this is my passion...
Anyway, as we were taking the city tour by bus , we stopped by the cutes small cafe to take break ... When I saw macaroons over there , it took 5 minutes to buy them...:)) Lets talk about what it tastes like.  
-Macarons can be done in different flavors so you should find your best flavors up to you.
-There are various ways to make macaroons migh be filled with buttercream or jam.

So again the tasting migh be different each cafes. I really liked my first macaroons. They were so moist and easily melted in the mouth.Woww... I am going to continue to taste more macarons, do not stop me...


  1. I'm already feeling really inspired to make a melt in your mouth macaroon. Next time give us a good recipe that you have tested out and liked...That would be great.

  2. I'm already feeling inspired to make a melt in your mouth macaroon. Try out some recipes and post a good one next time round.